Loyal Light Profile
Our History
Founded in Taiwan in 1986 by President/CEO George Lee, Loyal Light embarks on a journey pursuing perfection in synthetic fancy yarn designing and spinning. Retailers and brands worldwide look to Loyal Light for innovative yarns, excellent quality, trend direction and the latest market information. Our global team understands the needs of an ever-changing market and is focused on providing excellent customer service, timely deliveries and product that is profitable and allows you to achieve your business goals. For over 3 decades Loyal Light International has been a family owned premier yarn manufacturer. Our vertical operation encompasses the entire production process from yarn design and spinning to dyeing. Employing 400 workers on a 187 acre property, and with 60,000sqm of production facilities, LL offers an annual yarn production capacity of 10,000 tons. Loyal Light works closely with designers, importers and fashion brands to execute profitable programs. Looking to the future and inspired by the past, Loyal Light looks to bring further innovation to the fancy yarn world.
Main clients

Loyal Light was founded by Mr.George Lee in Taiwan


In order to provide our clients with vertical factory services,Loyal Light begins to migrate and setup our facilities in Fuzhou city,Jiangxi


Loyal Light international becomes a vertical operating factory with 100% ownership in yarn R&D dept.,yarn mill,and dye house

2019 Loyal Light increases yarn production capacity by 300%, which totals in a staggering annual capacity of 10,000tons (10 million kg)

Our first yarn manufacturing facility was established in Guangzhou,China


Loyal light purchases Filatura Di Crosa a 75 year old historical hand knitting brand based in Biella Italy
Orign in factory with price advantage
Good Service
Professional management
Work 8:00-17:30
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